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le fangirl ♔


bella thorne on the set of Amity Ville ❀ (April 3rd)

Jayoncè (aka the power couple) ♡

perfection in its true form ♡

is she even real?

can summer come sooner? ♡

kylie jenner aka perfection ♡


When these pictures came out I was convinced they were dating ;)



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**Edited and added, since now I can say it without crying.*

My Dad committed suicide on January 13, 2013. He suffered from depression for 10 years, and I was lucky to have him around as long as I did. In his honor I got the last thing he wrote to me on my bicep in his handwriting in blue ink, his favorite color. I’ll miss him forever, and now I’ll have a reminder that he loves me every time I look in the mirror. 

I just saw this in the tattoo tag but arrrghehfdhsuih I just wanna hug you, this is such a special tattoo.

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